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Owner: Luis Antonio Barragan-Salas

Get Em Served provides legal document delivery services known as "Service Of Process". If you are involved in Civil Litigation and need a delivery of notice regarding a Lawsuit, Eviction, Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce, Child Custody or other related issues you will need a Process Server to legally serve these documents to the parties involved in the court proceedings. Be it a request to appear in court (a Subpoena), or Notice of Action, or other legally filed forms. The problem in our industry is there is more Service needs around formal delivery of Legal Documents than there is Process Servers to do it . Get Em Served was started to bridge that gap. 


The problems out in the field or the industry shouldn’t be our clients concerns, the only thing that matters to them is that those legal documents are served correctly and promptly to the right person(s). All too often failures in the field, excuses, problems, and situations arise that are passed on to the client in the form of errors, tardiness and/or improper service that the court will not accept due to how it was processed. All of our attempts are recorded by body cam to ensure that those attempts are properly done, are being document and the correct person(s) or entities are served. This is your evidence of not just our professionalism and work ethic, its your evidence in court should those being served claim otherwise.


Get Em Served is a Results Oriented Business with over a Decade of Professional Experience in the Field.


“Get Em Served Get It Done Get Em Gone”